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COURSE International Business Management Trends

Profesor name : EDGAR RICARDO ARDILA ardila7@gmail.com

1. Objetive
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IBM, is a course designed to improve the business management acumen and the skill set for international business professionals and academia individuals. The course will focus on IBM real concepts regarding the matters of finance , management, marketing, logistics, ethics, cultural environment, negotiations and presentations skills.

2. Objetives
After the completion of the program participants will be gained further knowledge of the business management market place , the global business landscape and global corporate culture, as well as, improving the skills in English.

While the skill set varies depending on the specialization of an international business career, the most common skills needed are include.
In order to stay competitive with in the international marketplace, many students are choosing to pursue studies that encompass different languages and cultures. A broader perspective is part of many international business school course training programs, and allows students to understand cultural differences, globalization of world markets, and adopt multicultural business.

3. Why
By offering the International Business management course new professionals will gain a better understanding and competences and the Universidad Santo Tomas will further enhance its academic reputation as leader in educational services, moreover, will augment its revenue stream through such a International faculty and continue to attract and educate future community leaders.
Moreover its offer a unique insight into a wide range of topical business issues and invites the participants to explore current thinking on important international business topics and trends.

4. Classes overview


International business management trends 
Basic Management trends

Modern Operational Tactics
Choosing a country host
Collaborative strategies
Globesmanship developer

Skills Required for an International Business Career Communication requirements

Thinking skills
Strong communication
Body language
Presentations skills

Writing models and modals: follow up letters , enquiry , general Business communications
Ability to adapt to be flexible within cultures balance
principles and procedures
Critical thinking and analytical skills

The Most Innovative Companies
What Executives Make of Innovation a new world.
Responsibilities with an International Business Degree
Multicultural business for ex-pat do and don’ts
Traveling to foreign countries and serving as an ambassador
Understanding the history and trends of overseas markets
Understanding social economic and political factors that affect business around the world

Appointing a manager to a post
Career plan
Business plans for IBM Corporate business plan developing
Basic design
Functional model

Matrix format
Chek list plan audit
Corporate culture The caring company

Corporate strategy
Team building
Meetings management
Corporate culture Cases
Government, and corporate relations issues

Room Court terms and legal issues


Classes will be conducted in English and include class room discussions, individual and group exercises, group activities, case studies, workshop and class presentations. In addition participants will receive copies of pages and articles to enhance their knowledge and prepare meetings.

Participants will be expected to read the assigned units prior to each class meeting and be prepared to discuss the designated case studies. Participants also be asked to complete the exercises that are given in the selected textbooks as listed below and be prepared to report on required internet articles.
Moreover, participants will form groups to develop presentations, workshops, contest and different activities.


Participants that will enroll in IBM class should attend every meeting and will be grade on behavior, test, writing cases, on line and exam

virtual education is included on every one. 


International Business Daniels & Radebaugh, Wesley
Business class, cotton & Robbins

Data bases



General Journals reviews on main topics

Cases on demand of
Wharton & HBR

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